395 metrów nad poziomem morza (pl) // 395 meters above mean sea level (eng)
 Created by: Elena Vertikova
Camera: Tomasz Freda
Date of create: October 2023
This video work is about the water that people use. In the forest, everyday objects are placed, with the help of which people use the collected water. All the objects are placed at the same height and connected by a thin tube. A cup is then lowered below the set level and all the water slowly flows out of the objects through this cup.
The installation is located 395 meters above sea level in a forest at the foot of the Jizera Mountains (Poland). The water, which originates in the natural environment - in the mountains, flows into the homes of the inhabitants and is gradually used.
2024 The Anthropocene Project, Alphabet Art Centre, The New Museum of Networked Art, Cologne​​​​​​​, Germany. Curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne, https://the-anthropocene-project.nmartproject.net/