Elena Vertikova - artist based in Poland. Born in Siberia (1984), now she lives in Gdansk. Her main fields of art practice are: painting and installation. She works with the theme of water through different forms of art expression. With analog projections she developed her individual, original way to paint with light. Currently she is a student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk at the Department of Painting.
UNDARK festival of light art in Yekaterinburg, Russia, Dec 21 to 22, 2019.
Selected solo exhibitions
With Closed EyesGdansk Municipal Gallery, Gdansk, Poland.
2016 Don't Forget Your Koenig Summer, art gallery Gates, Kaliningrad, Russia.
2016 Flower Power, art laboratory Persona, Kaliningrad, Russia.
2014 Keep Calm & Sail, art gallery Wharf, Kaliningrad, Russia.
Selected group exhibitions
International Media Art Biennial SEE DJERBA, Houmt Souk, Djerba, Tunisia.
LICHTCAMPUS, group exhibition in Wismar city space; site Wasserkunst, Wismar, Germany.
2019 Światła Bergera | Berger Lights, Willa Bergera, Sopot, Poland.
2018 UNDARK | НЕ ТЕМНО, international festival of contemporary light art, Ekaterinburg, Russia.
2018 An Plein Air exhibition of the Faculty of Painting, Culture has Many Faces Gallery, Gdansk, Poland.

2018 INTERFERENCE, International Light Art Project in the Medina of Tunis, Tunisia.
2018 Students-Students. Textile collage, international exhibition, Stacja Kultura, Rumia, Poland.
2018 Light as a Creative Tool, Shipyard, Gdansk, Poland.
2018 Greetings From There, international exhibition, Chodowiecki & Grass House, Gdansk, Poland.
2018 TS:XD L1V3 4CT, 10 years of Shakespeare Theatre, Shakespeare Theatre, Gdansk, Poland.
2017 In Thrill and Asceticism, international exhibition, Contemporary Art Gallery of the North- Masovian Museum in Łomża, Poland.
2017 Art Change Makers, international exhibition, The Gallery of Modern Art Triptych Art, Kiev, Ukraine.
2017 Greetings From There, art village VITLAND, Kaliningrad, Russia.
2017 Night of Museums, Mała Zbrojownia, Gdansk, Poland.
2016 Bridge Networks, art gallery Gates, Kaliningrad, Russia.
2014 quadriART, international exhibition, EaglGallery, Berlin, Germany.
Curatorial projects
2018 Greetings From There, Chodowiecki & Grass House, Gdańsk, Poland.
2017 Greetings From There, art village VITLAND, Kaliningrad, Russia.
Works held in private collections in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Spain.
2017 Art Village Vitland, Kaliningrad, Russia.
2017 DEC Art Residence, Carpathians, Ukraine.

2018 ARS PHOTONICA, Bettina Pelz: NE TEMNO Yekaterinburg.ru 2018

2018 From Here to Eternity, The House of Lovis Corinth, Volume 34.
2018 Greetings From There, Volume 20.
2018 Painting Department catalog, Academy of Fine Arts, Volume 60, pages 55-56.
2018 The Baltic Daily newspaper, page 26. Issue 26.02.2018
2018 Tricity.Wyborcza.pl newspaper, page 4. Issue 26.02.2018

Gallery education
2018 The Deep Water, educational project for students of Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk,
Gdansk Municipal Gallery, Gdansk, Poland.

Member of the Following Organizations
Women Working With Light, Joined 2018.