Video-performance - Under Certain Circumstances - 03:00 min - date of create November 2021.
Created by Elena Vertikova. Performed Elena Vertikova. Camera Tomasz Freda, Rafał Kostner.
The video-performance was created in the space of the historic Old Sobieski Water Reservoir. The reservoir is in the form of a circle, about a hundred meters long. The reservoir used to supply the city with water, but now it has been empty for a long time.
The completed artwork was based on the conducted research of space in the sense of its topography - circularity, but also on the condition of the absence of light and water, which revealed binary and antagonistic oppositions in the setting: beginning/end, light/darkness, absence/presence, linearity/cyclicity. These dichotomies became inspirations for the creation of specific work. The semantics and etymology of words also became a driving force in the realization of the artistic concept: ,,layer'' as a place flooded with water; ,,memory'' as a return to the past; ,,end'' carries the meaning of the beginning.
In the original it is a two-channel video. The performance lasted 58 minutes. At the beginning of the performance there was a bucket full of water. The water poured from one bucket to another with each pass. The performance ended when the water ran out in the process.

2021  Mother Water, Old Sobieski Water Reservoir (2 channel screening
), Gdansk, Poland.
2022 LA Art Show, collaborative installation curated by Max Presneill / Torrance Art Museum.
2022 BWA Olsztyn, group exhibition of the Painting Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk.
2022 The Climate Change Memorial, video-art screenings at Alphabet Art Centre, produced by The New Museum of Networked Art, Cologne, Germany.

2022 Traverse Video, Toulouse, France.