Video-performance - a Dream - 03:18 min - date of create April-June 2020.
Created by Elena Vertikova. Performed Elena Vertikova. Camera Tomasz Freda. Music Aleksander-Swirski Monastery Choir.

2020 International Forum of Performance Art  / online edition, Emphasis artcentre, Dráma, Greece
2021 Baltic Young – The Garden of Forking Paths, NCCA-Kaliningrad / Baltic Branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Russia.
2021 Pan Damian Odchodzi, WL4, group exhibition in spaces of the historical Shipyard in Gdansk, Poland.
2021 Rome Art Week, video-art group exhibition, Rome, Italy.
2021 Miami New Media Festival, video-art group exhibition, Doral Contemporary Art Museum, Doral, Florida.
2021 XXIVth International Encounters Traverse, Abattoirs, Museum – Frac Occitanie
, Toulouse, France​​​.
2022 RAW incontra MNMF 2021 RAW selection, video-art screenings at the Miami New Media Festival Channel.