Date of create 2022/2023
Duration 02 min 36 sec

Artist Elena Vertikova

Camera Elena Vertikova
Performed Tomasz Freda

The video work Gravity Points in the original is a two-channel work. It is part of an artistic research involving the study of viewer perception. The work illustrates the attention of a person looking at the same picture of a forest, but under different conditions: nature and a computer monitor.

In the video, the performer looks at the forest / screen, and we observe his gravity points. And unknowingly we are also drawn into a game with gravity, creating new points of gravity with our own gaze.
In my work I explore the effects of nature on humans. And I search for ways to achieve with light/lighting similar results that humans get from natural light sources such as sun, fire, candle. 
Nature and culture as a contrast in this work. Humans are part of nature, but does this statement work in the digital world?
This work explores how the digital image differs from the natural image. The questions I ask myself: what does a person look like in light of nature and in light of the digital reflex? How does one feel when looking at a sunset in nature and a sunset on a computer monitor? Is it possible to replace the natural image with a digital one?

2023 ,,Rocznik Gdański’’ Gdańskiego Towarzystwa Naukowego, Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu
Gdańskiego, Redaktor naczelny: Maria Mendel. Tytuł publikacji: Gdańskie badania artystyczne AD, "Rocznik Gdański" 2022, nr 82, s. 219-223.